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Success Stories

Did you find your lost pet through

If so, we would love to know about it! Please email your success story to [email protected].

Tiny, a 4-month-old 65 pound Mastiff/Shepherd mix puppy came to the APA as a stray.  His owners saw him on and came to the APA to pick him up right away.

2 dogs escaped from a yard and were brought to the Humane Society of Missouri. The owner looked at that same day and saw both of them listed. They were microchipped and are now back home where they belong!

Milo, a Poodle at the APA, was reunited with his owner after she saw him on the website.

Furby, a longhaired Siamese, was reunited with his family when they saw him on the website. She was at the Humane Society of Missouri on Macklind.

Sadie, a Lab mix, was reunited with her mom after friends saw her on the website.

“My Russian Blue went missing from my home just days after moving into a new neighborhood. He was gone 3 months and 3 days. I had almost given up hope of ever seeing my pet again, but thanks to a good Samaritan, the APA and STLLOSTPETS.ORG he is now home, safe & sound.”

“I just wanted to thank whoever started this collaboration! Because of this site my little lost girl Lucy was found!!!!!” – Kelly H.

Bailey, a 13 year old blind black Beagle, was found using STL Lost Pets.

Happy, a Husky mix, was found thanks to a lost pet report on STL Lost Pets

Louie, a Lab mix, was found after his owners saw him on

“Thanks to STL Lost Pets, my sister’s dog Charlie was found a few hours after he got out of the yard…thank you for this wonderful tool to find lost pets.”